Rare Earths - Uranium, Gold | Greenland



Multispectral Remote Sensing Evaluation study (Aster, Landsat 8) on this license was completed in 2018.

Field works with Czech geologists from GET Ltd. was carried out on Igaliku in 2018 with final results expected at the end of 2018 or beginning 2019.

  • Ketilidian Neoproterozoic orogen, flanking the North Atlantic Archean craton
  • Granite and granite porphyry basement (~1.85 Ga), Eriksfjord formation
  • (sandstone and basalt - 1.3 Ga) and Gardar alkalic intrusions and dykes (1.3 - 1.15 Ga)
  • Nepheline syenite intrusions hosting major REE-U-Mo-Zr-Ti mineral deposits under development just N and W of the license. Syenite dykes and small intrusions also occur in the license area
  • Historic exploration includes limited stream sediment and pan concentrate surveys, prospecting and mapping by Danish Geological Survey.
  • Stream sediment results show increased REEs the nepheline syenite exocontact area (up to 1 % Nb, 0.5 % Y, 3 % Zr)
  • Increased values of gold, copper and uranium in stream sediments (up to 850 ppb Au)
  • No copper or gold-in-rock available; multiple high grade U samples (X %), Nb and REE
  • Puisssagtaq uranium mineral occurence - high grade hydrothermal veins in granite (up to 10 % U)
  • Relatively underexplored, very prospective for REE-Nb-Ta, uranium, gold and copper mineralization