Rare Earths - Uranium, Gold | Greenland


  • Ketilidian Neoproterozoic orogen, flanking the North Atlantic Archean craton
  • Granite and granite porphyry basement (~1.85 Ga), Eriksfjord formation
  • (sandstone and basalt - 1.3 Ga) and Gardar alkalic intrusions and dykes (1.3 - 1.15 Ga)
  • Nepheline syenite intrusions hosting major REE-U-Mo-Zr-Ti mineral deposits under development just N and W of the license. Syenite dykes and small intrusions also occur in the license area
  • Historic exploration includes limited stream sediment and pan concentrate surveys, prospecting and mapping by Danish Geological Survey.
  • Stream sediment results show increased REEs the nepheline syenite exocontact area (up to 1 % Nb, 0.5 % Y, 3 % Zr)
  • Increased values of gold, copper and uranium in stream sediments (up to 850 ppb Au)
  • No copper or gold-in-rock available; multiple high grade U samples (X %), Nb and REE
  • Puisssagtaq uranium mineral occurence - high grade hydrothermal veins in granite (up to 10 % U)
  • Relatively underexplored, very prospective for REE-Nb-Ta, uranium, gold and copper mineralization